We wanted to provide more information, and some clarification as we understand that parents are concerned with the COVID-19 situation in our small communities.

Supervisors of impacted sites made every attempt to notify (call or text) our families based on the information we had at that point in time and with the support and guidance of Public Health.  We felt it was important to have these personal conversations with our families.  We are continuing to work with our local Public Health Unit, they are aware and working diligently with us providing information and guidance.

To verify, at the time of our March 15 parent calls;

  • One individual at the Dundalk Kids & Us location was being investigated for COVID19.
  • One individual at the Markdale Kids & Us location was being tested for COVID19.

We are continuing to monitor this rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, and working with the Public Health Unit to get answers and information out as soon as possible.  Please note that our priority is ongoing health and safety in our communities. The Dundalk location was closed by the Ministerial Order from March 14-April 5, we closed the Markdale location effective March 15-April 5.

Please note that with the fluidity of this situation we will do our best to provide prompt and accurate updates. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this situation.   If you have additional questions you can contact the Public Health Unit directly at 519 376 9420


Monday March 16, 2020;

  • Notification was received that both individuals have now been tested for COVID19, results take 1-3 days.
  • Both individuals have shown symptoms of COVID19
  • Effective March 16th at 6:00pm all Kids & Us locations are closed through April 5th.