The Ministry of Education has released the revised Operational Guidelines During the COVID-19 Outbreak Document. Kids & Us is planning how we can implement expanding cohorts while meeting Public Health and Child Care and Early Years Act requirements. There are requirements that not every centre can meet without further planning.  Kids & Us will be expanding our School Age cohorts to 15 children effective August 4th and will accept both Full and Part Time children at that time.  Please note that priority will still be full time registrations, followed by 4 days per week, then 3 days etc.  Cohort means that 15 children, plus staff, must stay together for the week. Therefore, each part time child is considered one of the 15 children, there is no sharing of part time spaces.

To reflect the revised guidelines we have made revisions to our Safe Work Plan and Outbreak Management policies.

If you would like a hard copy of the revised policies or for more information please contact your centre supervisor.