We have been provided with updates from Grey Bruce Public Health’s Medical Officer of Health regarding our childcare programs.  These updates are included in the attached policies and reflect Reporting and Testing/Self-Isolation procedures. All new requirements take effect immediately.

Reporting – if any child or staff exhibits any symptom associated with COVID-19, Kids & Us must contact Public Health immediately to allow guidance in a timely matter.

Testing and Self-Isolation -If any individual in the cohort exhibits a symptom of COVID-19, the individual and any siblings of the individual will be sent home to self-isolate.  The cohort will be asked to self-monitor, the rest of the cohort only n eed to be sent home if someone in the cohort tests positive.

Please note that a doctors note is now only adequate if it is a long-standing symptom.  A Dr. note is not applicable for new or worsening symptoms, e.g. a fever associated with teething. An individual with any new or worsening symptom should be tested.

Additionally, child cares and day camps are exempt from the Medical Officer of Health Order for Face Covering in Indoor Public Places in Grey Bruce.

HC-018 COVID Food Safety R – July 21

HC-017 COVID Outbreak Management R- July 21

HC-014 Appendix B – COVID Safe Work Plan R-July 21

HC-016 COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidance R-July 21