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Oct. 21 – New Public Health Recommendation

Public Health has recently shared new recommendations regarding Contacts of High Risk Contacts.

If a member of your household has been identified as a High Risk Contact of an individual with COVID-19 by Public Health, and the individual is not able to confidently and completely self-isolate at home, the family should self-isolate as a unit. Therefore, a child or any siblings in the family unit would not be able to return to care until the end of the isolation period or at the direction of Public Health.

Out of an abundance of caution, this recommendation of Public Health will be endorsed immediately.

Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact your child care supervisor.

Public Health Resources

Grey Bruce Public Health has developed a section of their website for Childcare Programs.  This will be the place to get the most up to date information COVID related and answer any questions you might have about your child attending or returning to childcare.

Grey Bruce Public Health Childcare resources.

Grey County Resources:

Fee Subsidy Information
Contact your local website to apply.