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May 27th Update

We have another update to share from the Ministry of Education.  Today, a memo was received regarding the extension of the Emergency Order, including the closing of licensed child cares until June 9, 2020. Read the full Memo here.

Kids & Us is continuing forward with our plans to reopen, while we await further direction from Public Health and the Provincial Government. We so appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this process to ensure that when we re-open our programs, we can do so with confidence knowing that we are doing everything we can to create and maintain a safe environment for the children, staff and their families!  We look forward to seeing you all soon!


May 21 Updates

We hope that this update finds you well.  While we heard that we may be able to reopen some programs carefully in Phase 2, we still do not have a specific time frame or requirements for what that might look like.  We continue to plan for reopening by preparing policies and procedures, however they cannot be finalized as there are no clear guidelines from the Ministry or Public Health. Staff are slowing being recalled in efforts to prepare for the eventual reopening.  We will keep you posted when we hear more information.

We have been provided with some resources that might be helpful for you and your children.

We recognize that the children might have questions about COVID-19 and how it relates to their world.  The Hospital for Sick Kids has a fabulous page of resources that might help you answer some questions!  Hospital for Sick Kids Learning Hub Page

Wellness Together Canada website has information on Mental Health and Substance Abuse Support.  If you or anyone you know is feeling more worried or stressed than usual there is a self help resource called Bounce Back. This is a self help resource for 19+ years.

Here is a list of Online Resources for Social Connection and Mental Wellness during COVID-19

If you are on Facebook, there is a page “Care Mongering GB” that has some more local information and resources that might be of assistance.

Please take good care.



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